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Meals are cooked daily and include whole wheat breads and pasta, free-range chicken eggs and organic dairy products when possible.  Meals and snacks are always free from high fructose corn syrup. Pictures of lunches are posted daily on Facebook.


All fruits and vegetables are either fresh or frozen and organic when available.  We participate in the Child Food Program of Texas and are inspected periodically and menus are reviewed weekly.


A sample weekly menu:



Kix cereal, organic bananas and blueberries, organic milk

Whole wheat flax pancakes, organic strawberries, organic milk

Scrambled organic eggs, turkey bacon, toast, organic apple and pear slices, organic milk

Organic whole wheat french toast, mangos, organic milk

Zucchini bread, cantaloupe and kiwi, organic milk



Turkeyloaf, mashed potatoes, organic peas, pineapple, organic milk

Homemade whole wheat lasagna, fresh organic green beans, organic blueberries, organic milk

Organic peanut butter & honey sandwich, organic yogurt, raw veggies, organic milk

Whole wheat pizza, honeydew, organic spinach salad, organic milk

Whole wheat chicken quesadillas, black beans, cherries, organic milk

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